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Transform your business practices using our AI-ML approach. Get personalized mantras for leveraging your brand.


In today's world data is everything. But these humongous customer data is hard to handle and even arduous to understand. That's when Machine Learning comes to the picture. Machine Learning is the key for your digital transformation. It can enable your company to optimize processes while improving employee engagement and increasing customer satisfaction. This one day workshop will give you a through understanding about the recent trends in Machine learning. You'll come to know the key metrics for growing your business and how to leverage them using Google's Machine Learning & predictive analysis.

Understanding business process & gaps


Analytics led innnovation proof of concept


Applying predictions and Machine Learning



Manju Devadas

CEO & President, Pluto7

Prolific expertise in providing Value Chain, Finance and Customer Experience led solutions and services in the cloud, big data and business analytics market.

Salil Amonkar

COO & Consultant, Pluto7

Salil Amonkar brings in his rich experience, spanning over 20 years in business transformation to shape the future of trade processes.

Head Of Marketing & Sales, Pluto7

John has 10 years of experience in spearheading growth of various businesses by implementing social media strategies. He is responsible for end-to-end sales, marketing, and growth.

Nikhil John



2 Days Workshop

5 Days Workshop



"We were extremely happy with the services we recieved from Pluto 7. Their expertise in helping document our processes has given us the ability to identify our transformational opportunities. We were very happy with their services."

"Pluto7 helped reduce plan runtimes, simplify data management, and increase statistical forecast accuracy. The Pluto7 team are great partners, collaborative and insightful."


  • Discover your Key Performance Indicators.
  • Measure your KPIs - Revenue, Cost, Profitability, customer experience.
  • Get to know about the most important use cases.


  • Dig deeper into Google Cloud Platform and measure capabilities for ML.
  • Also get a fair amount of idea about deep learning and tensor flow.


  • Get a complete demo of sample ML models
  • Know about data preparation, model set up, model training & testing.


  • Review insights and findings from the demo.
  • Develop business pitch for POC selection.
  • Discuss planning for the next step.


Get the edge over your competitors using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

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